About Me!

I am a recent college graduate enjoying a short break from school before physical therapy school begins in August! In 2010 I was officially diagnosed with Celiac’s disease. I went through it all people. Endoscopy, colonoscopy (let’s not even mention how much fun the prep was for that!), ultra sounds, CT scans, swallowing a camera (couldn’t believe you could even do that), and of course blood tests. It took a total of 4 doctors to finally diagnose me. I had lost weight to a very unhealthy status then I gained it all back plus some (that will take a toll on a females emotions)my stomach looked like I was about 4 months pregnant which there was no chance of that, it was hard, I would get headaches, have zero energy, abdominal cramps, and over all just feel in the dumps. I also went to see an allergist to make sure I didn’t have any other allergies to go along with my autoimmune disorder because often times they go hand in hand. So I might as well live in a bubble! I am allergic to (life) gluten,dairy,grains,nuts, mesquite(haha living in west Texas is not the ideal place for me I’m surrounded by those trees!), dust,mites….okay so you get the picture.

I have always been an active girl, I love sports, I played soccer for 18 years of my life and killed my insides eating all those pasta dinners and those scrumptious breadsticks. I love to run,bike,hike,swim, anything outdoors!! I have recently adapted a new lifestyle called Paleo or the caveman diet. This lifestyle has been a blessing in disguise! Paleo is a hunters and gatherers lifestyle. So that means if you can’t kill it or you can’t gather it from nature you DON’T put it in your mouth or your body! All of the recipes that I found and started to use were perfect for someone that should live in a bubble! Most of them are grain free, dairy free, sugar free, gluten free, and nut free. I mainly eat meat, vegetables, and fruits! I cook every meal that I eat and I never eat out because I am so sensitive to cross contamination that it is just NOT worth it! The other side to Paleo is this new and upcoming sport called Crossfit! It is challenging for even the greatest athletes! It has really pushed me to my limits and has made me stronger than I have ever been! I love it! You should check it out!! I will post some links in a blog soon for information on the Paleo lifestyle and the Crossfit madness!

I really have been wanting to start some kind of blog to maybe help those with Celiac’s disease and other allergies, so they too can have a place to go online to get ideas for breakfast,lunch,dinner,parties,desserts, and drinks! I know how hard it is to fit everything in in a day and still find the time to make sure you stay healthy and happy!


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